Wrapping up the remote semester - a scratchpad of thoughts

Last day of classes! Finals, and then we're finished up.

A couple links to helpful things that I didn't get a chance to share earlier
Questions for an exam: https://www.francissu.com/post/7-exam-questions-for-a-pandemic-or-any-other-time

Tools that have been invaluable for teaching remotely
Gradescope (for grading)
Slack (for project-based learning)
Piazza (for asynchronous class discussions that support LaTeX)
Overleaf (for collaborative document editing, especially with the track changes panel!)
Explain Everything (for explainer videos)
Zoom (yeah yeah, privacy stuff aside: can't imagine teaching without some face-to-face)
Google Apps Suite (for all sorts of things but especially forms)
Google Calendar with Zoom integration
Boomerang for Gmail for the "Pause Inbox" function (helpful for focus)

To be continued, I'm sure!

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